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Singha corporation free essay sample

Singha Corporation Co. , Ltd. is a subsidiary of ? Boon Rawd Brewery Co. , Ltd. , the first and ? largest Brewery of Thailand. The company was ? incorporated to oversee the beverage business ? of Boon Rawd Brewery Co. , Ltd. and is responsible? for the operation and marketing of beer, soda ? water, drinking water and various energy drinks ? and beverage producers. At present,? Boon Rawd Brewery is the owner of â€Å"Singha†,? â€Å"Leo †, â€Å"B-ing†,â€Å"Purra†,â€Å"Pun Dee†,and â€Å"Masita† ? trademarks. At present, Singha Corporation Co. , Ltd. operates 3 Breweries and 7 Soda Water and Drinking Water factories located in strategic Regions across Thailand. Moreover, the companys vast distribution network further enhances its ability to serve the customers throughout the kingdom as well as in nearly 50 countries worldwide under full compliance with FDA regulations and approval of each country, including European and North American Countries. Singha Corporation Co. , Ltd. conducts all its businesses under the principals of good corporate governance and in a social responsible manner. We will write a custom essay sample on Singha corporation or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page As an integral part of Thai Society, Singha Corporation Co. , Ltd. actively participate in local environmental support programs, educational scholarship programs, cultural events, traditional festivals, and sport sponsorship. History Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi was born Boonrawd Sreshthaputra on 13 October 1872 , son of Pra Bhirom Bhakdi (Chom Sresthaputra ). He was educated at home, teachered by his father until the age of 11 , when he was sent to a temple to be further educated by the monks, a custom at the time for Thai boys. He started work quite young, during his teens,as a teacher, and then moved on to become a clerk at A. J. Dickson, a British-owned logging company. He stayed in the logging business for a while, and acted as a car dealer for a bit before starting his own ferry business, ferrying the Bangkokians across the Chao Praya River, between Bangkok and Thonburi. The business was a success at first, until there came too many competitions, and finally the building of bridges across the river. He dabbled in the idea of brewing a Thai-made beer in 1929, and finally sent in a request to the government to build the first Thai brewery in 1930. Meanwhile,Boonrawd toured Germany and Denmark to study the art of making beer. His dream became a reality in 1933, when the first bottle of Thai beer, Singha Beer,rolled off the assembly line at Boonrawd Brewery. Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi helped with many charities in his lifetime. He also become an expert in the art of kite flying in Thailand, and published a book on kite competitions. He acted as fireman on numerous occasions,using his ferries to stop burning buildings with water from the Chao Praya River, and was finally made Luang Bhirom Bhakdi by His Majesty King Rama VI on 20 November B. E. 2454 (1911) , at the age of 39. He became Pra Bhirom Bhakdi on 20 December B. E. 2460 (1917), aged 44, and finally Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi on 1 January B. E. 2467(1924), at the age of 52. descendants to use the surname of Bhirom Bhakdi, instead of Sreshthaputra. A new dynasty was born. Phraya Bhirom Bhakdi was married to Khunying Lamai, and had 3 sons -Vidhya, Prachuab and Chamnong. He died in 1950, at the age of 78. Boon Rawd Brewery Company Development of a there managing orientation, difficult thought this can be in many organizations, is only one side of the coin in improving the marketing effectiveness of an organization. Marketing strategy specifies a target market and a related marketing mix, Marketing strategy requires a definition of the market domain in which the company will compete and statement of how utility and value will be created for customers through product and service offerings. Recognizing customer needs and filling them better than competitors is the core of successful marketing and management strategies. Product Line Strategy – External analysis A product line is a group of products that are closely related because they perform a similar function, are sold to the same customer groups, are marketed through the same channels, or fall within given price range. Product line managers need to know the sales and profits of each item in their line in order to determine which items to build, maintain, harvest, or divest. They also need to understand each product’s market profile. The company produced new beers to be in completed amounts for every segment for the purpose of: (1) Selling for competition, (2) Scrambling for market share and insertion into the marketing space, (3) The liquidity in laying of market policy and cooperation with alliance, (4) Having an increased amount of products to serve the demand for Singha Draft beer with a mild taste to attract customers who like the smooth taste. Product Development Strategy After successfully completing the business analysis stage, product planning moves to development and testing (Cravens 1994, p. 373). In 1998, the company received the certificate of universal standard quality or ISO 9002 from S. G. S. (Thailand). In December 1985, the company began to wade into the market by developing a new beer named â€Å"Singha Gold† which was a kind of beer that had low alcoholic content of 3. 5%, similar to a light beer. It was thus, a kind of beer though its taste was lighter than that of both Singha’s and Kloster’s. Singha Gold was positioned as a beer for the new generation. In addition to product development strategy, the packaging of Super Leo beer during April 2000 was modified due to the fact that sales volume did not meet with the target because of customers’ confusion related to â€Å"Leo. † A new label was put in place and the word â€Å"Super† was emphasized (with bigger letters) while the word â€Å"Leo† (with smaller letters) was used for advertising which included marketing activities of Super Leo being separated decisively from Leo. Brand strategy and re-positioning options Several strategies are available to Boon Rawd to differentiate its brands from those of competitors, and compete effectively. ? The options for Boon Rawd are to create a master-European-brewer brand themselves and compete in the market place, directly against the global brands and Kloster. Kloster had demonstrated that even though it is a local brand, it could create an image as an international brand. However, there are some hidden traps with this approach. Several focus group participants mentioned that they thought Kloster lost some credibility by being a local brand dressed up in international clothing (the issue of country of origin). Furthermore, this Master European Brewer image space, though obviously a valuable one (whether it will grow faster or slower in the immediate future is dependent on the rate of Thailands recovery), is already crowded. The options for Boon Rawd are to create a master-European-brewer brand themselves and compete in the market place, directly against the global brands and Kloster. Kloster had demonstrated that even though it is a local brand, it could create an image as an international brand. However, there are some hidden traps with this approach. Several focus group participants mentioned that they thought Kloster lost some credibility by being a local brand dressed up in international clothing (the issue of country of origin). Furthermore, this Master European Brewer image space, though obviously a valuable one (whether it will grow faster or slower in the immediate future is dependent on the rate of Thailands recovery), is already crowded. Another strategy to regain some of the market share that Singha had lost due to the entry of the global brands and low-end products, was to re-position the Singha product itself. It was sensed that Singha possessed a great deal of customer loyalty and one strategy would be to develop Singha to be even more Heart-based, and to move further into the international Thai space. This could be accomplished by an integrated marketing communications campaign. A further option would be to develop a Singha export brand and prove that Singha could be accepted worldwide. This would also instill pride in Thai consumers in that they were consuming a Thai product that was recognized internationally, targeting in a tangential but strategic way, the monopoly global brands have on internationalism. For reasons of confidentiality, further information is not available, but the study has been of immense use to strategic thinking. Singha Corporation strategy formulation Singha Corporation SWOT Strengths They are the first Thai beer Companies have a policy to expand market worldwide Companies can respond all the needs of all customers. Companies have many proucts that customers need. Company Has distribution channels in multiple way and nationwide. Weakness Competition within the organization. The large size of the organization, contributing to the management sometimes not possible. Companies need to keep up with demand and changing consumer. Is sometimes necessary to take the analysis to get to those needs. Opportunities Singha try to go global and make them to the top maket. Company is in need of the labor market. They want to work for them. Threats There are many competitors in beer market Singha can not change the price but others competitors can change to the lower prices. Have to import wheat(materials for produce beer) Singha Corporation PEST Political 1. Government comes to control the limit time of selling alcohol 2. For alcohol market, There are a consession 3. An Election in Thailand are under control Economics 1. The companies shutting down, causing more unemployment 2. Loans from financial institutions more difficult. 3. Employment levels and salaries greatly reduced because the growth rate of the economy is not good enough. 4. Currency Change Social 1. Campaign about not drinking alcohol becomes more important in Thai social. 2. Most of Thai people still respect to five commandments of Buddhists. Technology 1. Production process, taste, appearance is a factor in choosing to buy products. 2. Technological development in production in 3-5 years to adapt in a better way. 3. Products can advertise in social network instead TV commercial. ConClusion The company applies marketing strategy and The company’s marketing strategies consisted of product line strategy, product development strategy, block channel strategy, media strategy, trade strategy, and consumer incentive strategy. On the other hand, the company used marketing mix or the 4P’s strategy as follows: Product Strategy: (1) Every product segment was produced in response to customer demand in various levels of income, (2) With regards to product development strategy; the brewery was improved in 1998 to the point where a certificate of quality, ISO 9002, was obtained. In 1998, plans were underway to improve the quality of the company’s products in accordance with universal standards, including the ability to maintain the quality of the taste and the image of Singha beer by stressing the fact that it was a Thai beer that Thai people had preferred to drink for 67 years (in 2000) which gave Singha beer a high degree of brand loyalty, (3) Regarding the company’s packaging strategy, modern technology was introduced by the company to make â€Å"Stay on Tap† products on October 31, 1990. a move that took environmental conservation and social demands into due consideration. It was a marketing idea that took society into account in the sense that benefits would be provided by the firm and returned to the society. Environmental pollution was a matter of concern to the firm; it was necessary, therefore, that quilibrium is reached in the long term between a response to market demand and social welfare. The societal marketing concept would be concentrated on social conditions by upgrading the welfare of the people and improving the way of life in society by participating in the overall conservation of the environment as well. Price strategy: Many new producers entered the market, and many brands emerged, such as Heineken, Carlsberg and Chang beer. Because of the Thai economic crisis of 1997, consumers’ purchasing power decreased, which prompted them to turn to drinking less expensive beer, such as Chang. New beers were produced, such as Leo, Super Leo and Super Lion, which were cheap in order to respond to low-income consumers and to compete with Chang beer. Promotion strategy: Media strategy, trade strategy, and consumer incentive strategy were used in order to create products of good quality in response to the market. Place (of distribution) strategy: Since market share was achieved, with sales volume in the top rank of the market, block channel strategy was used and new agents were added when three breweries entered the already competitive market. Recommendation: 1) Set up or buy a company to grow wheat in the wheat-growing countries (eg: China) to ensure its supply of raw materials for beer production and raw materials price stability. Thailand was not a wheat-growing country, every beer company have to import wheat materials. In this way, As a result, the company is likely to be limited to international currency exchange rates change(baht devaluation), changes in international transport prices, raw material producing countries to reduce export. 2) Enter new market. Obtain expertise and apply new and best business practices across markets, whilst maintaining and recognising the cultural differences. By learning from best practice sharing ideas from different markets and business cultures, synergies will be brought to the Singha Group, which should benefit staff, customers and shareholders. The brand awareness will increase if it successful in new market. 3) Singha should continue corporate with the sports. Right now they are the sponsor for Chelsea and Manchester united football club, so they should continue sponsoring. In the future Volleyball will become Thai people favorite sport, They should consider to be their sponsor. Singha has come to the right way to promote their brands, They are sponsor for international concert and international football team. This actions will help them grow up Questions: What are the current issues/challenges facing companies? The issues that challenge to face with the company for now is the Law. Thailand law of alcohol company has become very strict. There are so many rules that the company must face with government. For this issues, company has to think about the strategy that make them still sell their beer without breaking any law. When Thailand law become strict, Its hard for Boonrawd Brewery to distribute their products. For example, They can only advertise their products along the magazine not allow to use them in Commercial on Televisions. If they want They must use the name of Boonrawd Brewery or Singha corporation not Singha Beer. So for Boon Rawd, They try to advertise their products by they corporate their brad with Chelsea Football Club and Manchester United instead. For this, its works very well. They can go global by sponsor the football team. What are the dangers/risks associated with this approach? The risk of doing this approach will be about the competitors that they already see what singha has done, and they want to do the same. They want to go global too, that’s the danger for Singha because if your competitors can do better than you, you must do something that better than them. You should think about the better plan or strategy to make your brand go further and still be number one in the beer market.

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Gwen Harwood Critical Study Essay Example

Gwen Harwood Critical Study Essay Example Gwen Harwood Critical Study Paper Gwen Harwood Critical Study Paper An Australian poet who, seems to develop an imaginative, rich form of poetry through the use of recurring themes. Complex language techniques and even further through the use of sophisticated structures only seen in the most prestigious of poems in the modern era. Gwen Hardwood has a tendency to write poetry that is significant in all eras, cultures and/or societies of the world as she captures, and develops them Into a strong universal theme that recurs strongly. These themes seem to endure, and portray the human experience by relating these in forms that resonate through a range of various environments; these poems have n immense structural integrity. These themes are depicted powerfully in poems such as; Father and Child, Violets the 2 poems that I have chosen to discuss In this speech. In the Father and child, It has a unique structure of 2 parts; the 1st (Barn Owl) discusses her loss of innocence in the daughters perspective in the past, the second part (Nightfall) Being the downfall to her father, how he is put in an degenerative state, slowly falling to his demise. : This is to do with Gwen accepting the Inevitability of her fathers death. These 2 poems can be read symbiotically in a dual tauter to provide further insight into both their poems, or separately as a poem. The language in the first poem is quite unique. It highlights the use of very simple words, with little complexity, this can be interpreted to show the innocence that the child still possesses, as children (better yet an Innocent child) are meant to speak with less complexity than a full grown adult. These sentences also tend to be monosyllabic. l knew my prize, who swooped home at this hour are all monosyllabic. As the poem continues, especially after the owl is shot, the childs vocabulary seems to improve in impolitely, losing Its monosyllabic nature. This can symbolize the loss of Innocence that the child had experienced by killing the owl senselessly. Gwen also uses many biblical allusions in this poem. One portraying the child, in an evil fashion, maybe even demonically. A horny fiend, I crept. This image is then juxtaposed by the line a child/Obedient, angel-mild. This shows that she Is generally a good person but she has the potential to commit evil act. Just as eve; from the biblical story of Adam and Eve. She reinforces the idea of her father being God, and eve going behind her father o seek power, Just as Eve did when she bit into the apple for intelligence. As the owl Is also considered to be symbolically wise, it can be interpreted that the owl is also the fruit from the forbidden tree as In the story of Adam and Eve. The snake (Satan). Convinces Eve to eat from the tree, as it would make her eternally wise; which would allow her to grow in power, Just as the child had believed that killing the owl would allow her to grow in power. The poem seems to also state that she is the master of life and death and she Isnt referred to as a mistress, In a literal sense, It refers to her s a male, even though she is a female. This helps promote the idea that she losses some of her femininity. The second part to the poem also refers to it as nightfall this creates significance by also further enticing the idea that her father is slowly passing away and that she realizes that there Is not much time left. These themes combined all portray the idea of a recurring theme, the recurring theme that has made this poem so influential through many generations and views, a theme that resides in all 1 OFF The violets is the triggering of a memory after the subtle act of picking up a violet. This poems language structure is quite unique, it utilizes going from the present to past tense repetitively recollecting past experience the user has been through continuously making further sense of the present. The memories that are conjured are of happiness, she does develop a feeling of change or emptiness, further enhancing the recurring theme of loss. The reader uses 1st person to fully capture the personality of the experience she writes about. As the writer has lost these experience in the present day, she still has vivid memory of the past, in which she wishes to keep secure this is shown in the line frail melancholy flowers as the lowers is what triggered the memory, she refers to them as frail, that can be easily damaged, this is why she wishes for the security of them. She is afraid of the loss of these memories. Wheres morning gone? Is a line that further emphasizes her innocence, or in the bigger picture; her loss of innocence. As a child she asks, Wheres morning gone personifying time, or the morning. Instead of simply understanding, the fact that she has slept her way through the day. This can also refer to the interpretation that she feels as if she had metaphorically slept her way wrought life, but it can also be interpreted as the loss of innocence, as she had Just let her childhood float away. By revisiting this memory, the child persona further establishes the inevitability of death, Just as she had done in Father and Child She realizes that time will not stop for anybody, this can be depicted by the line Years cannot move Gwen Hardwood, as recently stated uses these recurring themes and language techniques to create structurally sounds poems that resonate throughout various societies and shall continue to by the consistent use of universal themes. Thank you.

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Economics Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 17

Economics - Essay Example The company adopted the policy of its founder which desired a typically Swedish touch in the product, the company ‘emphasized its Swedish roots in its international advertising, even going as far to insist on a Swedish blue and while color scheme for its stores’ (IKEA Website). The company launched and expanded its operation without surveying the requirements and reaction of the public. Before 1994, the IKEA has less than 10 outlets, and only one of the outlet was located outside Scandinavia, the expansion of the company internationally, was responsible for the magnificent rose in its annul reserves. In 1994, the annual reserves of the company stood at $210 million, and had 125 outlets in 26 different countries; the company reported sales of $5 billion. According to the 1994 statistics, only 11% of its sales were generated in Sweden, 29.6% came from Germany, 42.5% from the rest of Western Europe, and 14.2% from North America. The inauguration was attributed with the launch of IKEA concept and its development, the organization expanded its operation and services in United States in 1987, and the organization is operating more than 13 outlets in the United Kingdom. In 2004 the IKEA reported total sales worth 12.8 billion euros, the United Kingdom had the second highest sales with 12% of worldwide turnover, equating to over  £1 billion sterling (IKEA Website). The organization considers its catalogue of significance, the catalogue is our most important marketing channel (IKEA Website). According to the market survey, the IKEA catalogue is considered to be the major share leader of the retail direct marketing door-to-door distribution activity inside United Kingdom, the organization delivered more than 13 million catalogues. The company understands that, the catalogue is a vital brand builder for IKEA and the key driver for attracting customers to the stores (IKEA Website). The organization planned to increase and improve its

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Brandon Beaver Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Brandon Beaver - Essay Example The effect of the ERG in any firm can only be secondary, compared to the situations in the workplace which principally defines employee sentiment towards the corporate leadership. Therefore, where the underlying working relationship is essentially adversarial, any management-sponsored ERG initiative will be perceived with suspicion as a ploy by management to take advantage of the employees (Ashton & Sung, 2002). The post’s identification of possible drawbacks to the ERG is perceptive. Because the ERG, in order to be effective, will tend to focus on particular minority groups or their specific situations, their members tend to stand out more distinctly rather than blend in with the majority. This is, I think, the paradox of most diversity and inclusion efforts. The effort to more effectively create inclusion tends to deepen the demarcations. The challenge to management is how to sponsor the creation of ERGs in such a manner that employees come to view the ERG as more closely id entified with the needs and aspirations of the employees, rather than with the desires of management. If the ERG is identified more closely with management than it is with the workers, it may be seen as just another means of manipulating and controlling the work force to comply with managerial designs against their better interests. References Ashton, D N & Sung, J (2002) Supporting Workplace Learning for High Performance Working. Geneva: International Labour Organization Catalyst (2008). Employee resource groups: valuable to employees; valuable to business. Response to post of student 2: Christopher Gilbert The post mentions, strangely enough, the matter of the Chick-Fil-A Appreciation Day. I believe this has little bearing on the matter of diversity and inclusion in the workplace towards its employees, or in the company’s dealings with its customers and the public at large. The Chick-Fil-A issue was more about the inclusion working the other way around, th at of the right of a person to express an opinion and the guarantee attached to that right. The ERG cannot be empowered to dictate changes from above, or from external movements and elements that have little relevance to what happens in the workplace. Diversity and inclusion involves unity of action and goals, not necessarily unity of beliefs and the core principles of individuals (Herek, 2000). The ERG’s goal is to pave the way for tolerance and respect for the diversity of beliefs and opinions that are present in any group at any time. There is a difference between inclusion and uniformity. Inclusion allows for variety and amiable co-existence while retaining people’s innate individuality. Uniformity is intolerant of differences, and wishes to create a single likeness among people, therefore denying them their individuality. The use of employee reference groups should be clear on its objectives, which is to address the diversity and inclusion needs of the employee gr oup while maintaining strategic relevance to the firm’s business goals and objectives (Catalyst, 2008). The Chic-Fil-A issue does not have anything to do with the acceptance of people with different sexual orientations at the workplace and among consumers, it is about the political issue of the legalization of same-sex marriage. In actuality, ERGs should avoid getting themselves embroiled n political contests because they are divisive and have little bearing upon the form’s operations. For ERGs to be effective as tools of the organization, they must be careful not

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Self introduction Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Self introduction - Essay Example It is natural, that I am a kind of typical representative of my nation with its specific interests and activities. To tell you the truth the cultural entertainment is traditionally received much attention in my motherland. As here in America we have the American way of life, so there is the Chinese way of life in China, which is determined by the gymnastics Taiji. My friends and I are those people who were engaged in practicing of sports in the morning parks. And by the way such sportsmen can be also seen then-and-now. Among other activities valuable and adorable by me is Ping-Pong, which is played just in the city streets. No matter which way you look at it, Ping-Pong is our national sport available for everyone. Moreover, it is a really interesting and developing game, for it stimulates such human’s qualities as quick reflexes, concentration, attention and concernment of mastership, as there are many guys able to show various and sundry tricks with rackets at an unimaginable speed. And definitely you have heard about our main amusement of karaoke. You must know, it is our craze, and there are many new karaoke bars, which have been opened recently. So here I am, a practitioner of Taiji, who plays Ping-Pong and likes singing karaoke, as all these choices are still with me in America. Incidentally, my personal example proves the fact that there is less and less time for Taoist slowness and Confucian measured gravity in the life of the modern Chinese. The pace of life increases, and as a result the time allotted for spirituality reduces. Such an acceleration of life is the main mark of the recent years, which may alter the traditional slow Chinese mentality. As for my experience at Greenville High School in Alabama, where I have come for studying after the moving from China, I cannot say that it was easy. The main difficulty for me was total learning in English. Naturally, I was taught the language up to then, but Chinese English pronunciation

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Beliefs Or Knowledge That Is Independent Of Culture

Beliefs Or Knowledge That Is Independent Of Culture The prescribed topic assumes that knowledge and beliefs are linked to culture .so what is knowledge?, what are beliefs?, what is culture?.Belief is defined as a principle or idea considered to be true (Websters dictionary, 2004) .By this definition the meaning that I got was belief is a conviction or an opinion without caring whether there is proof or not. So what is knowledge? Knowledge is what one knows, the body of facts accumulated over a period of time (Websters dictionary,2004). What is culture? Culture is appreciation and understanding of the arts, skills of a given people in a given period. Another definition is culture is the customary beliefs, social forms, and material traits of a religious, social or racial group All this definitions led to the question as to how knowledge, belifs and culture are acquired by a person. So how do we acquire knowledge? Knowledge is usually acquired through sensory perception an example being a curios little boy will acquire the knowledge that cactus plants are not meant to be held by the naked hand after he/she touches the plant and feels the pain. Knowledge can also be acquired through logical operations and emotional reactions. This kind of knowledge is caused by biological responses to stimuli, and could be considered not to be dependent of culture an example being facial expressions which are not taught or learned but they are biologically determined. So how is culture acquired? Culture is basically instilled in us when we are born. An example being me as I was born in Kenya and grew up in an Islamic background. So my culture is Islamic and Swahili and we do have our fair share of beliefs. Buddhists consider that knowledge is acquired through direct experience. So how is this experience achieved? Well the Buddhists achieve this experience by meditation opposite to the western traditions, which gives emphasis on a clear expression of thoughts and argument. Buddhists believe that words tend to expose the truth on the other hand, the recognition of Buddhists beliefs and customs for discovering the truth shows dependence of the culture of that knowledge. So are beliefs independent of culture? I will have to say yes on this. ? I will have to say yes on this. People may so no because some beliefs such as you must always wear clothes and shoes when leaving the house well I wont classify that as a belief but a ritual. Most beliefs are usually based on religion and culture. In the case of religion I as a Muslim have many beliefs that are dependent on my religion some of them being I must pray five times a day, the consequence of missing prayer is that we will burn in hell for a very long time. I believe in this theorem although there is no proof of sort but its a belief based on our religion. Beliefs that are based on my culture which is the Swahili culture are numerous. Some make sense and some do not make sense but I have no other choice than to live by these beliefs and follow them no matter what. A belief that I have always been told by my mother and has never ever made sense to me is that we should not clip our nails at night. I dont see how it applies in a real life situation. I usually cut my nails at night and so far so good nothing has happened to me. Another belief that is based on our culture is that we are told not to borrow salt at night. I dont know why it had to be salt but still like I said they do not make any sense to me at all, and we are expected to follow this beliefs although I think they dont make sense. But we do have to follow them, But some beliefs that my culture expects me to follow are somewhat sensible and I do follow them, examples of the sensible beliefs and rituals are like we should respect our parents and follow there each and every comm and, that is a belief that makes sense and I do believe that the people that do not live by this rule are actually bad people. I know there is no evidence that if you do not respect your parents you are going to get punished by the Almighty God but its a belief and in order to believe you dont need evidence or anything. All you need is your mind on whether to decide that you are going to believe in that belief or not. Another belief that I tend to differ with and is totally and purely based on culture is gender equality. I did some asking around and I found out in most of Kenyan tribes as well the Swahili culture tend to believe that men are more superior to women. They claim that man was created first so making them more superior and all that the women in our cultures should do is stay at home and prepare meals and clean the house while men are the bread winners. This is not such a wise belief, men and women are both humans so why should one kind be more superior than the other?, they were all created by the same creator!. With all this said I thing that all of my beliefs are independent of my culture. Some other people like the westerners who have no culture or dont know anything about their culture also have beliefs like the men should take care of their children and women, that is a belief that is common to all cultures in the world and also to those who dont have cultures so on an Americans p oint of view not all of their beliefs are based on the culture because the clearly have or dont know their culture. Community education (sociology), is dependent on the cultural expression of human knowledge that has been repeated again and again. Alfred webwruses was studying in the sociology of culture and he came up with the term kultursoziologe which mean cultural sociology which is a specific branch on sociology which is entirely dependent on culture. Culture is a very significant concept found in many branches of sociology, social stratification in the fields of scientific and social network analysis. Is knowledge based on culture? Well I will have to answer no on this query, knowledge is not entirely independent of culture. People may argue that knowledge such as traditional medicines, herbs are based on culture and some of those herbs that the traditional men used to use are used now by the scientists to make the medicine we consume today and they end up saving lives. History, its the study of past events and the effect on present life. Some of the knowledge in history is independent on culture a good example being the creation theory which one of the three possible theories of the origin of the world is based on culture and religion. In Swahili culture , the Elders have told us to believe in the creation theory and that it is God who created the world in six days and life starts on the seventh day. Knowledge such as this is independent of culture and. I gained this knowledge just by interacting with the elders of the family and they told me all sorts of stories Knowledge such as mathematics in example has no connection whatsoever with culture and such knowledge is not dependent of culture even one bit. Mathematics is purely about numbers and in my case the Swahili culture the elders who are supposed to be the wisest of humans dont even know simple math like one plus one. So are our beliefs and knowledge independent of culture? To some extent YES! Why am I saying yes? Its simply because most beliefs are based on culture and example being me, most of my beliefs are based on my culture although I do have beliefs outside my culture like if I drink plenty water at one go It may react with my body forcing me to throw up so its my belief that we should not drink much water and slowly as well. Knowledge also is somewhat dependent on culture and an example being the community sociology which is a whole branch in sociology that focuses on just culture. I then come up with the answer that both beliefs and knowledge are dependent of culture

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History of Parental Involvement in Education Essay examples -- Parent

History of Parent Involvement Prior to the 1850’s, before public education existed, parents and families were responsible for the education of their children. During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s education in schools became wide spread. As public education grew and teachers became professionals many began to believe that professionals alone should be responsible for educating children (Stein and Thorkildsen). As years went by, families showed some concern about this new view on who should be in charge of their children’s education. Parents began to show their concern for this division in education in the 1987 when the National Congress of Mothers, the foundation for the Parent Teacher Association, was formed (Stein and Thorkildsen). Since 1987 many more steps have been taken in an effort to evaluate the importance of parent involvement in education and to encourage parents to be involved in their child’s schooling. Family Structure Parent involvement in a child’s schooling has proven to be beneficial to the child regardless of the situation. The amount of the effectiveness of the parent involvement is directly related to the structure of the family that the child comes from. A National Household Education Survey (NHES) from 1996 shows that children from dual parent homes are more inclined to excel academically and become involved in extracurricular activities. More so, they are not as likely to repeat a grade or be given a suspension, especially if their fathers show interest and become involved (Nord). In 38.5 percent of dual parent households parents actively help their child with homework three or more times a week (National Center for Education Statistics). In today’s ever changing society dual parent ho... ... EBSCO Database. Retrieved March 8, 2002 from Eric Database. U.S. Department of Education. (1991). Other middle grade resources, Parent involvement at the middle school level. National Committee for Citizens in Education. Retrieved February 18, 2002 from the World Wide Web: This is a well designed web site that provides resources for parents and teachers of middle school aged children. Articles, news stories, diaries, chats, newsletters, and hot links are available on this web site. Wherry, J. (2002). Selected parent involvement research. The Parent Institute. Retrieved April 11, 2002 from the world wide web : This bit of selected research comes from the parent institute web site. The information provided on this page is supported by numerous references.