Monday, December 30, 2019

A Relationship Based On Paternalism And Condescension...

What was once a relationship based on paternalism and condescension between Ashkenazi and Mizrahi Jews has gradually transformed into a more leveled socioeconomic platform between the two ethnic groups. The Jews of Ashkenazi descent, mainly from Eastern European countries and Britain, arrived in the decades before the creation of the State of Israel and were able to rapidly create a new society. Shortly after Israel’s independence, massive waves of Jewish immigrants flooded the country, of which a large part were Mizrahim Jews from North Africa and the Middle East fleeing discrimination in Arab lands. The dominant Ashkenazim viewed the incoming Mizrahi Jews as backwards and burdensome to the newly-founded country’s cultural and economic image and took measures to make them conform to their customs. This process of conditioning ultimately led to a wide socioeconomic gap between the two groups that prompted political clashes and riots. Recent trends and changes in the cou ntry’s political structure have narrowed the gap and point toward equal opportunities between Mizrahi Jews and Ashkenazi Jews. Originating in Europe, Zionism was embedded with Western-leaning principles that aimed at coalescing the Jews of the Diaspora into one unified and modernized Jewish identity within Israel. When it was introduced to the old Yishuv, it reflected the Ashkenazim political and cultural values, including â€Å"liberal democracy and national self-determination† and therefore assured their success

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