Wednesday, February 12, 2020

Legal Issues in HR Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Legal Issues in HR Management - Essay Example â€Å"Unfortunately, the bottom line for most companies is not whether but rather when you’ll be faced with a legal issue involving an employee† (Weisbord et al, 1995). The main thing is to take a practical, precautionary approach so the company can lessen the possibility of being prosecuted. Faced with fixed financial plans as well as financial stress, businesses fail to identify the significance of guiding their managers. The majority of service claims involves a front-line manager’s behavior, either for the reason that the manager was unable to guide by example and busy in bad behavior, or the manager did not recognize how to deal with a workplace concern properly. Training the managers about essential employment law ideas and the way to be a successful manager is very significant. Another issue is that companies overlook to carry out periodic analyses of their human resources strategies and practices to guarantee that they are advanced and in accordance with the legal requirements. Reviewing the human resources and payroll functions within the business has never been more vital. For instance, the â€Å"Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division has become more aggressive in looking at whether exempt employees are properly classified and if overtime is being calculated correctly† (Getwood, 2007) . ... Payroll is an extremely synchronized and difficult task. It takes significant understanding as well as effort to give salaries in the approved manner and promptly. Yet workers look ahead to their paychecks to be done correctly and given promptly. If not, the business can have severe morale and legal setbacks. Set of laws having an effect on payroll incorporate the ‘Fair Labor Standards Act’ which controls overtime salary obligations, the IRS which controls income tax maintenance, and other national and state laws which legalize ‘state income tax withholding’, employees payment premiums, and unemployment indemnity. â€Å"Payroll record keeping is also critical for, among other reasons, the issuance of W2 forms at the end of the year† (Weisbord et al, 1995). Outsourcing payroll is an outstanding solution to the legal agreement concerns. The payroll services can give support in working with the law and, in most instances, fulfilling legal necessities. Fe deral OSHA standards have four main groups: general trade, building, marine, and cultivation. While a few standards are particular to only one group, others relate across industries. With the standards having similar conditions for every division of industry are those that deal with the access to medical and exposure account, personal defensive equipment, and communication about risk. Access to medicinal and exposure account requires the company to give the worker right to use to any medical report the company maintains relating to that worker, together with any report regarding the worker's contact to lethal substances. Personal defensive tools require companies to give workers with

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